Neonatal Nursing & CPR Manikin (with Skill Guide)

Neonatal Nursing & CPR Manikin (with Skill Guide)

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Designed according to the infant anatomic characteristics, soft skin made of imported material, realistic touching feeling, flexible joints, and can provide full range of nursing exercise


1.Pupil observation: Pupil states: normal, mydriasis and myosis, etc;2. Hair combing and face washing 3. Otic drops and irrigation 4. Oral cavity care 5. Airway management: realistic mouth, nose, tongue, gum, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, epiglottis, trachea and tracheal ring, can practice tracheal intubation, sputum suction, oxygen inhaling.6. Oral and nasal tracheal intubation 7. Incision of tracheal nursing 8.Venipuncture, injection and transfusion in arm 9. Intramuscular injection in bilateral deltoid, bilateral vastus lateralis and bilateral buttock 10. Enema11. Urethral catheterization 12. Holistic care: sponge washing, replacing clothes, cold and hot therapy 13. Limbs joints: bend, rotation, upper and lower movement 14. CPR operation training: support many inhaling ways, e.g.: mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, simple respirator to mouth; electronic monitoring of airway open, inhaling times, frequency and volume, and compression times, frequency, site and depth; automatically judge the ratio of artificial respiration and external chest compression; show data in real time with English voice prompts during the entire process;

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