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This simulator is specifically designed for professionl training. Features: 1.  All the f..
Functionality characteristic : Material characteristics : Palpation of galactophore malignant tumo..
Features: Rotate the birthing system and the baby moves through the birth canal. The model sho..
Automatic Birthing System. Fully Simulates the Real Delivery Process with CPR of Pregnant Woman A..
Features: 1. Demonstrate the whole process of delivery 2. Demonstrate the fetus, umbilical cor..
The simulator can help to demonstrate all the process of delivery. The life-size pelvic cavity has m..
Features: The model consists of 10 parts and show the relationship between fetus and uterus durin..
The models demonstrate the wound in different positions in pudendum. It's made of soft materials, ca..
Features: 1. General urethral catheterization process can be operated 2. There are resistance when..
Features: 1. Imported material, high-quality and environmental protection. 2. Simulate antever..
Features: This model is served as a visual aid in teaching human anatomy in nurse schools and med..
Features: This median section model shows the female pelvis during the 40th week of pregnancy wit..
Features: 1. Shows two frontal sections through female genital organs 2. Mounted on a board. 1..
Specifically designed for professional training. The various functions are: 1. Palpation of normal ..
Features: 1. Shows the development from ovum to the fetus in third month. 2. 16 positions are displ..